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The Non Surgical Facelift


(also known as plasma blast, plasma lift, pexR)

This treatment is what everyone is talking about in the industry throughout the UK.

I use a hand piece that emits a tiny plasma plume onto the skin which, in turn, evaporates and leaves a minute brown mark. I work in a grid form over the treatment area. After the treatment the skin then goes through a natural regeneration process, by stimulating the fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin and this beneficial effect can remain for 2-3 years and leaves the client with fresher, younger and smoother looking skin.

I can now offer my clients a real alternative to a surgical face lift with ...

non-surgical treatment

very little downtime

immediate results

no cutting of the skin

no stitches

treatment time less than 1 hour

Areas I can treat

Skin tightening around the eyes

Sagging eyes

General wrinkles on face

Frown lines

Sagging skin

Uneven skin

Loose skin on jaw and neck

skin tags, seborrheic keratosis



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